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Geometry A

This competency-based course introduces the following Geometry concepts and applications: reasoning and proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent and similar triangles and quadrilaterals. The competencies in this course are aligned with the Geometry Content Standards for California Public Schools. This course has been approved to satisfy the “c” (mathematics) subject area of the UC/CSU “a-g” requirements for freshman admission. The NCAA has approved this course for use in establishing the initial-eligibility certification status of student-athletes from schools in the division.



  1. A minimum reading level of 9.0 as measured by the TABE D7/8 reading comprehension test
  2. Successful completion of (31-02-70) Algebra 1/A and 31-02-71 Algebra 1/B
  3. Recommendation of an instructor and/or a counselor